be.Yoga Studio is a non-competitive environment for all levels of practice. We offer classes and workshops in a variety of styles, as well as specialized classes and private instruction. We are committed to quality instruction, our classes are kept small, and we cater to your individual needs. Our teachers are knowledgeable and experienced, and they share accurate, detailed guidance.

Everybody has the ability to practice and flourish with yoga. Our intention is to provide you with the tools and techniques that can be used to heighten your awareness of body, mind, and inner-self; creating a positive balance that will enhance self-perception, as well as social and environmental relation.

Come…join us! Begin, or further your practice of yoga…use the studio as a haven; a step back from daily distraction. Use your time in the studio as a time to focus on you; a time to be present, to allow your inner-self to surface while putting the seeking mind to rest. Experience an open heart, sound body and clarity of mind. Be focused…be present…nourish your Self!