studio etiquette

-newcomers, please attend your first session 15 minutes prior to class start time.

-the studio is opened for entry 15 minutes prior to class start time. If you have to provide payment, change clothes, or freshen up, please arrive early. At class start time, we are sitting at the head of our mats.

-please remove shoes upon entering (and leave the ego at the door!).

-please present your class card to the instructor.

-when on the mat, and practice begins, please keep your focus upon yourself;
yoga is non-competitive, and the environment is free from intimidation.

-yoga is not only non-competitive with others, but also with self. While in
our postures, we practice "ahimsa" (nonviolence). We don’t push beyond
our stretch-point, inflicting damage. With physical restrictions or limitations,
force is not a factor of solution; we accept our current ability and work through
it, constantly evolving.

-aside from the instructor’s guidance, the classes are held in silence. After
completing relaxation, please try to carry this silence with you as you leave;
it allows you to completely absorb the session, and to fill yourself with inner-peace.
It also prevents one from imposing; possibly interrupting the inner-peace of

-if you need to speak with the instructor, please do so before class, after
the class has closed, or via email or telephone.

-please inform the instructor of any physical restrictions or injuries.

-if you desire, please feel comfortable to inform the instructor of any emotional
or mental trials or restrictions. Such communication is honored with privacy
and compassion, and it will truly benefit you.