class description

All Classes Include Guided Pranayama (breath control), Asana (postures) & Relaxation. The Verbal Guidance is Detailed & Informative; Providing the Physical, Mental & Pranic Benefits of the Postures.

Please review Studio Etiquette prior to attending class.


The asana practiced is a combination of Kriya and Hatha style; the movements are slow and relaxing. The postures are targeted to release a variety of common ailments (such as digestive disorders; respiration or circulation problems; unstable thyroid activity; insomnia, fatigue & mental sluggishness; vertigo; back, knee, or hip tension, tightness, or pain) & to stimulate, balance & regulate the proper functioning of the organs, digestive, endocrine, circulatory & nervous systems. Each session will vary according to individual needs; though, the postures will always be practiced in unison with the breath, with slow movements, & restorative intention. This class is also appropriate for beginners, mental & physical relaxation, pre/postnatal, and for those wishing to gain a base of joint lubrication & flexibility.


For beginners of yoga, this class is recommended prior to attending Level I. We practice a variety of postures, learning the basics. We focus on synchronizing breath to movement, activating the proper muscle structure when entering a posture, proper alignment, increasing self-awareness & discovering individual ability & limitation. This class creates the perfect opportunity for newcomers of yoga to explore the power of breath; to find the breath, and to carry it with intention & awareness into
the physical postures; eventually creating a consistent peaceful, meditative state when practicing asana.

Level I

It is mandatory to attend this class prior to participating in Level I/II, as it teaches the routine that is practiced in Level I/II. Asana variations & modifications are demonstrated, practiced & explored. Various sequences from the routine are practiced in each class. There’s emphasis on alignment and a focus on learning variations & modifications that are most appropriate for each individual’s present ability.

Level I/II

Prior to attending this class, experience must be gained in Level I. Here, the routine is practiced in its entirety; flowing through the sequences & transitions. At this point, participants are equipped with the experience to know what posture variation or modification is best for them. The instructor provides verbal guidance, demonstration & adjustments.

Level II

This is a focused, flowing class with limited verbal guidance. Learning the routine prior to attending is mandatory. Once the body has become conditioned to the routine, you can trust that it knows what posture is coming next. As a group, we flow through the sequence’s one breath at a time. A peaceful silence is experienced, the body becomes steady, the mind focused & calm; this creates opportunity to go inward, to experience the peace & harmony that exists within self.


This specific 20 posture asana practice draws primary focus upon awakening the ascending chakras (energy centers) by purifying the nadis (energy pathways or meridians). To achieve this, energy blockages must be eliminated, therefore, as one begins with the practice of Kriya, the postures first serve therepeudic purpose for the physical body – targeting ailments, cleansing & calming the body, creating emotional balance, and preparing physical self to receive a still, undisturbed state of mind. With consistent practice, this class will broaden your awareness & understanding of yoga’s energy anatomy in relation to pranayama (breath control), bandhas (energy locks), asana (physical postures), & mantra. To attend this class, it is mandatory to have attended a Kriya/Energy Anatomy workshop or to have experienced Kriya asana practice at be.Yoga Studio. If you lack this requirement & wish to attend, please contact us to schedule an introductory private session.

Specialized Classes

Private Session

This session caters to your specific needs. Prior to the session, the instructor will inquire of your physical health, concerns, focus, and points of interest. A customized session will be created, catering to your individual self. By request, private sessions can go beyond asana (postures); to include Kriya (purification techniques/cleansing), pranayama (breath control) techniques and/or meditation. Private sessions are a wonderful way to create a foundation for your practice, to discover new strengths & to gain insight on working through restrictions & resistance.

Men Only

This class works through the resistance of the commonly contracted male muscles, relieving tension & tightness, & increasing flexibility. It is a demanding class that provides the opportunity for men to explore their ability of balancing mental focus & physical strength; creating a sound body. Regular attendance is strongly recommended. Please bring a good dose of self-discipline & determination; acceptance & patience will be provided.


The instructor aids in introducing you to your "new" body. We celebrate the beauty of pregnancy by accepting, surrendering & embracing the ongoing physical changes. There are postures appropriate to complement each beautiful stage of this journey! We heighten self-awareness, and learn to completely release & relax with the breath; increasing the comfort of your delivery day.

Yoga & Massage


Enjoy three hours of bliss…as this time will be completely catered to, and in honor of, your individual self. Your experience will begin with an individually customized session of yoga, promoting self-awareness, presence of moment & calmness of mind. At the close of this session, you’ll be prepared for proper relaxation – your body will then be nourished with a one hour full-body massage. With stillness of body & mind, an organic herbal tea will seal this occasion.

Complete Bliss

As an extension of Bliss…this four hour experience will be complete with an organic, vegetarian lunch. At the close of your customized yoga session, you’ll receive a 90 minute full-body massage. Once you’re awareness has been heightened with yoga & massage, equipped with calm eyes & glowing cheeks, this time with self will be extended as you enjoy an enhanced mealtime experience.