teacher training certification (TTC)

be. Yoga Studio is a Registered Yoga School

Retreats & 10 Month TTC Include Asana Training; Detailed Workshops with Practice in Teaching Methods, Direction of Self-Alignment, Safe Adjustments; Purpose & Benefits of Postures; Energy Anatomy; Technique Training in Pranayama & Meditation; Technique Training in Kriya Cleansing; Talks Include Yoga Philosophy, Ethic, & Lifestyle; Planning & Sequencing a Yoga Class; Maintaining an Individual Practice; Guidance into the Work of Yoga; and More!

Individual 200hr 10 Day TTC Retreat, please inquire

Hatha 200hr 10 month Group TTC, please inquire

Hatha, Ashtanga, or Kriya TTC 200hr Individual Retreat:

Training retreat is demanding & rewarding. Constant, uninterrupted work, withdrawn from worldly distraction. For you seeking solace, separation from attachments, deep inquiry, display of capability, deflation of ego, connection with self, and endless possibility … perhaps this is for you.

Requirement is dedication of 12 consecutive days, intention & discipline to work with all layers of self, and an openness to receive. Again, this training is demanding. It is mandatory that designated work hours be filled. The days are long & all time is utilized. It is work; constant work … the most delicious work attainable – as it is working into evolution (evolution of self leads to evolution of all).

  • This training meets 200hr certification, however, if you wish to work towards 500hr certification this can be achieved, inquire
  • 10 nights, arrival (pm)/departure (am)
  • After retreat training: additional training hours on a total of 3 Saturdays (1 Saturday per month to follow retreat); modified arrangements for out-of-state resident, inquire
  • Deposit of half total cost due 60 days prior to retreat start date, balance due upon arrival
  • Total Cost Includes:
  • Rustic lodging
  • All meals, snack, and drink
  • Organic, vegetarian fare
  • laundry service, one time, mid-retreat
  • To Bring:
  • NO cellular phones
  • NO electronical devices
  • NO books, magazines, etc
  • yoga mat (if with an extra, worn mat, bring for outdoor use)
  • notepad, pencils
  • minimum necessary hygiene items (soap & shampoo/conditioner will be provided)
  • minimum clothing – comfortable for asana; layers for outdoor coolness (to provide warmth for sitting); comfortable walking shoes

Hatha TTC 200hr 10 Month Training:

  • a maximum of 4 participants will be accepted into this training, a minimum of 2 – if you’re interested in attending, Apply Now!
  • this training will complete with a 200 hr certification – training will be held approximately 1 extended weekend per month: Friday evening, full Saturday (must bring food/drink for self), Monday evening (some Sunday afternoon/early evening hours)
  • It Is Mandatory To Attend One Weekend Retreat - group communication will agree upon specific weekend, arrival (evening) Friday, depart (morning) Sunday (Lodging & Meals Included in Training Cost)
  • during initial training meetings, group communication will provide the 10 month meeting schedule – attending designated training hours in presence of attending ERYT500 is mandatory; if any hours are missed it is upon the participant to pursue replacement (through workshops or private session) at an additional cost
  • training start date: inquire
  • Registration Requires a $500 Non-Refundable Deposit
  • Aside from notepaper, pencils, folder, there is no additional training supply cost
  • when participating in this training, receive 75% off monthly unlimited class card
  • receive 50% off massage (maximum 1 per month)
  • Additionally:
  • Through exploration & experience, our training programs aim to simultaneously develop all limbs of yoga (yamas, niyamas, asanas, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, leading to samadhi)
  • Our training programs meet & exceed the requirements of Yoga Alliance; be.Yoga Studio is a Registered Yoga Studio. Once training hours are met,  training certification is issued.
  • Once certification is issued, there is possibility of teaching employment with be.Yoga Studio
  • If you are interested in pursuing TTC, please complete the application specify which program is of your interest
  • Total cost? Inquire

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